A College Gift Basket – One Parent Shares Some Thoughts

I’ve always thought that giving someone a gift or gift basket was a pretty good way to celebrate a special occasion. And one of those is surely sending a daughter or son off to college. Anyone who has ever had the experience can sympathize with your emotional stress. If your life were a book, this would be the time to start a new chapter.

Reality sets in when dad tries to fit everything into the car; it’s inevitable that things have to be left behind and even if it could be brought, there wouldn’t be enough space in a tiny dorm room. But otherwise, it all gets worked out. This why care packages were invented. On the other end will be youngsters eagerly awaiting these supplies that will make dorm life livable for them.

Fixing up a new room to make it comfortable and with a new look will be an early project. Once all the roommates get acquainted they can pool their ideas and resources and get down to mapping out how to decorate their new space. Moms are usually called in at this point to help supply some of the things needed.

In addition to the “much needed” stuff that needs to be sent, it’s a good opportunity for mom to think about sending a welcome present like a college gift basket. Imagine how pleased all the new roommates will be to receive such a festive token to commemorate a group of young people starting out together in what may become lifelong friendships.

If you have a gift basket supplier, you’ve used before, that’s good. Or, by browsing the internet for a college gift basket you’ll get an idea of what’s available and what will fit your pocketbook. Keep an eye out for what is popular, which could be a simple movie night theme or a wholesome basket of fruits and cheeses. Searching mail order sites will also give you ideas for care packages of your own.

A look around the internet and you will soon be collecting your own ideas for popular themes with the dorm set. One of these might be a 1-cup coffee maker for the coffee lovers gift basket. A tip that was passed on to me was by a mom who said she always kept a drawer of dime store novelties on hand. When putting together a college basket, I remember she always had something fun lurking among the practical things that she sent. It might inspire you to throw in a wind up toy, a cute finger puppet monkey or an etch-a-sketch as a way to put a light spin on things.

Any college grad can tell you how important care packages were in those campus years. It could have been a basket to battle the college blues or a just-in-time basket to celebrate high marks on an exam. Many of these gift baskets sent to me in college were really just small boxes, with a few things, but to me they provide a physical link with home that I still remember.